Recruiters pledge to support diversity and call on agencies to join them

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Ashby Jenkins Recruitment's pledge details the best practice on which they will work with all their charity clients.

This includes:

  • only submitting candidates with anonymised CVs
  • removing names, ages, and years in education to ensure discrimination against protected characteristics doesn’t happen
  • challenging charities on whether a degree is truly needed for a role, and remove this from job descriptions where it isn’t
  • hosting annual events on the topic of diversity and how to build inclusive cultures.

The agency is inviting other recruitment agencies to join them in their pledge under the banner of 'Committed to Diversity'. 

During the recruitment process, many unconscious and conscious biases can influence decisions to recruit the “best” candidate that could contribute to a lack of diversity in the workforce.
Agency director Ashby Jenkins said: “I’ve worked in the charity sector, both as a fundraiser and a recruiter for many years and have seen the impact of the lack of diversity from both sides. A lack of diversity means that organisations are not representing the communities they serve, and limits the amount of money they can raise.

"The responsibility for creating an environment that welcomes people from a minority background doesn’t only lie with the leaders of our organisations, but with all of us. We are all responsible for ensuring people from minority groups have access to and are happy within our organisations."

She added: "As recruiters, supporting this sector, it is also our responsibility to make sure we are the champions of ethical recruitment, both in our practices, and in what we advise our clients. I hope that by recruiters coming together to enforce this pledge we can make a real impact to diversity".

The agency works exclusively within the not-for-profit sector, specialising in recruiting fundraisers across all income streams to charities, schools, universities, arts and heritage organisations based in London.


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