Great minds thinking alike...

Monday, November 25, 2019

Yesterday we heard about another fundraising sector jobs board that sounds as if it has a similar idea to that of GoodJobs.

For some companies that would be alarming. What if they launch before us? What if they are better, or build a business faster than ours? 

The GoodJobs team, however, was both intrigued and excited to learn of this, and we immediately contacted the new entrant. Our main reason to see this as a positive development is that it backs up our belief that there is a need for our kind of service. Two similar startups motivated by similar ideals and objectives are more powerful than one, in our view.

So, we have spoken to the other team and we're planning to meet with them soon. We've offered support or collaboration where we can and this has been met by a similar positive response.

So, you won't quite see double when these two services launch, as they'll have their distinctive approaches. But you might just be watching the start of a shift, or at least a positive challenge to the way things have been done so far - all to the benefit of charities and to the challenge of recruiting fundraisers.

Howard Lake