So, you want to hire a fundraiser?

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Ever wondered how GoodJobs started and what we offer? This brand new brilliant illustration created for us by Sketchnotes UK explains!


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When you work for a charity, hiring a fundraiser can feel.... daunting!

"What should I write in the job description? What should I include in the job advert? What targets should I set for their first year?"

On top of that, you may have to invest some of your charity's money on recruitment.

Advertising online is often the cheapest way of reaching a large number of people.

BUT most recruitment sites charge you for every vacancy you post, so costs can escalate fast.

Now there is a new website designed by fundraisers!

The founders know the challenges you may face and they've developed the site to help you overcome them.

GoodJobs offers:

Advertising is FREE for small charities.

Larger charities can publish unlimited job adverts for one fixed and affordable price.

GoodJobs is a social enterprise - 25% of all net profits are invested into the GoodJobs Fund which supports projects that tackle diversity and inclusion in fundraising. 

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