#CharitySoWhite hashtag trends on Twitter

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The hashtag #CharitySoWhite was trending on  today (Tuesday 20 August) as people in the sector shared their experiences of racism.

By 5pm, there had been well over 2,000 tweets, with many of them liked and retweeted multiple times over, and attracting numerous comments of shared experiences and support.

The campaign calls for urgent action to tackle racism in the charity sector, and was started by Fatima Iftikhar, after she uncovered racist training materials from Citizens Advice, which it has since apologised for.

Iftikhar asked people to share their experiences via Twitter:


The Citizens Advice scandal is not a one-off incident.

You can make change happen.

Share your stories and experiences of in the sector as staff, trustees, volunteers & service users.

(h/t @sabashafi86)

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Many did, including:


At a charity event...

Senior charity leader who I’ve only met twice:

“We are off to the pub but I assume you don’t drink, but of course you’re welcome to join us”

“Why do you assume that?”

“Sorry, I just thought cos of your religion”

“Yeh, I’m not Muslim.”

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When I was promoted to a senior management position, I was offered a salary less than a quarter of my younger, whiter, less experienced predecessor.

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…while many on Twitter called for action, for greater  and inclusion, or pledged their support:


I will no longer fund an org unless racial equality is a top priority. I am ending partnerships if an action plan + time line to do this can not be made. Looking for Abstinence Addiction treatment providers addressing this ASAP!!

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will be a difficult read for most people working in or for the charity sector.


The sector needs to be challenged & this is the start. Thank you to all the champions speaking out & sharing their experiences.

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Everyone in the charity sector should be following today. Great opportunity to actually hear some BME perspectives rather than chat idly about diversity.

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My experience in the sector has taught me that whilst often predominantly white management have right intentions on racial equality, there's too little concrete action taken due to lack of experience or understanding of what racism actuality is.

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However, the hashtag also raised a few questions, largely from outside of the sector:


Never mind that you're trying to make the world a better place, minimize suffering, or support vulnerable people. Your skin is the wrong colour.

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Twitter is currently out-doing itself with . The fact that so many users see no issue with that hashtag, on several levels, says a lot for the user base.

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